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You know that your life can be so much more than it is today – what is holding you back? Life Coaching with Anna & Alessio focuses on improving who you are at your core - your health, your perspective, your mindset - and who you are in a relationship with other people.

What we do best

Team coaching

A company that wants to achieve success prioritizes its most important resource – its employees. They ensure that there is a good working environment where everyone feels seen, heard and allowed to be themselves, that everyone feels inclusiveness, commitment and joy for their work.  The consequence by focusing on the resource is then a healthy company ready to reach your common goals! What is it that your company is not doing today, but as you know could have major positive effects if you choose to invest in it?

Life Coaching

As your mental coach we aim to help you to get insight about what you need to change, improve or add in your life in order to reach your goal. We give you a range of tools to use in all different situations, we set a strategy and an action plan to follow in the process of moving you towards your goals.

Don´t wait for the right time to come, create your moment and live your life with fulfillment, purpose and satisfactions!


Would you like to be stronger, run longer, change your body weight, improve your performance in a specific sport or do you want to start training regularly to feel good? Do you need that extra motivation to find the joy and commitment for training? Together we review your health status, how does it look like today, what is important to you, what kind of results would you like to have and how can we do it.

As your Personal Trainer, I will help you achieve your personal goals!

“I have conquered my fear to challenge my body, I can now push myself to a limit that before was impossible.”
Client, Gothenburg

Our vision

Wellness is generally used to indicate a healthy balance of your mind, body and spirit that results in an overall feeling of well-being. Starting from this sentence together with our academic knowledge and long-term experience in this business, we decided to start Crociani Coaching, with the main goal to help people improve the quality of their everyday life.


times awarded PT of the year


years of wellness experience


Returning satisfied customers


hours of PT & coaching sessions

“I’m a free diver and If you want to be able to go beyond your limit and realize something that has never been done before you really have to be on top of your mental and physical level of preparation. With you it has been possible to reach them both, great!”
World record in free diving
"Anna is as professional as humble and she has the ability to make people around her feel comfortable and safe. She has tremendous knowledge as a coach and her methods are effective and eye-opening. She is a good listener and does not judge. She has also an ability to ask just the right questions - many answers were within me, but I did not know where to look. Anna knew that. With her coaching, I have completely changed my life for the better, and I am very grateful for that. . "
Project leader, Gothenburg
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